Sunday, December 07, 2008

Update on me & some more Christmas Cheer

Today is better. I didn't get much rest yesterday, but I did make a big dent in the house. That in itself makes me feel better and I really needed the break. I felt bad about not going to momma's yesterday, but Rocker Dude and Da Da was there. They couldn't give her a bath, but they were there for other things she needed. I'm going to call her Dr in the morning and see if they will explain things to me.
I'm still torn between putting KB back in school or not next year. Rocker Dude will go to ICC to get college credits as a high school student. It will be just KB here, but taking care of momma I’m not able to any extras with her. All we have done this year is the basics; no co op, field trips or anything else fun. She is missing out on hanging out with kids her age, even though she isn't complaining, it still bothers me. Who knows, next year maybe completely different and we can do more. KB sort of wants to back to school, but that is just because of friends. She doesn’t want to go back and get picked on again like she did her 1st 3 years. I know everything happens for a reason and things will work out, but I still can't help but to worry over it.

Elvis Presley I'll Be Home For Christmas

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karisma said...

Sorry to hear things have not been so great! I hope things start looking up for you soon.

You are the second person this week I have come across who is considering school for their daughter. The other lady however does not want to send her girl, she wants to go.

I guess what it comes down to is what is best for KB and you! If you prefer to keep her home is there not someone else who could take her to the other events? Are you part of a homeschool group at all? I don't drive and one of my friends takes DB to gym with her kids. I have also had lots of offers for other events etc. It took me a while to accept as I did not want to impose but you know most homeschool families tend to stick together and don't mind helping out at all. Just a thought anyway! Take care! I hope things start looking up for you! Hugs xxxxx

Pamela said...

do home schoolers ever cover for other home schoolers in times like these?

I just wondered if there was another home schooler that you know that would help you with her until things get settled?

kitten said...

Now that you mention it there is 2 little girls in our town that KB does hang out with on outings. One of them happen to go to the church we been visiting and she has dyslexia just like KB. I have just been letting Rocker Dude fill in the gaps here with her school work, but never thought to ask one of these ladies if they minded KB to tag a long. I bet they wouldn't mind. They are very sweet ladies. Thanks for jarring my brain.

Anonymous said...

I hope things work out for the best, whatever they are. I will say that I find homeschooling an only child, which in essence you would be doing, a different kind of challenge. If you could find a couple of moms who would be willing to help out with the hanging out portion, that would be a huge blessing. James is still young for that, but KB is definitely old enough.

Good luck on getting more info from your momma's Dr. It also may be to the point where she qualifies for some kind of respite care? I really know nothing about that but it seems to me you should be getting some kind of help.


storyteller said...

It can be challenging to know what's best for kids ... and ourselves too. Since you have so much on your plate right now with your mom's health, sending your daughter to school might be work out ... but I suspect you'll know what's best for all concerned and make the right decisions when the time arrives.
Hugs and blessings,