Thursday, December 18, 2008

A quick run down of my week.

When momma got put in the hospital almost everyone in our family got sick with sotra the same mess. Dan & the kids; Sam, his wife, kids & grandkids; My Mike & David. Same thing happened last February, all them got the Flu, but me. I have been staying with mom since she got home till 8 AM -7or 9 PM because everybody was sick. We found out that her meds were part of the reason for her mind. Her antibiotic was reacting to one of her breathing meds making it stronger. I kept asking if it was this one med, but everybody told me I was wrong and I didn't know that the antibiotics could do that to it. Turns out that all my research was headed in the right direction. I carried her back to the DR Monday for her 2 week check up from the hospital. They wanted her finish her antibiotics and hope she didn't have another flare up, but this time of year is so hard.
I don't cry often and I don't mad easy. If I do get mad I'm usually over it after I have been a sleep. Friday I woke up with PMS or something! I was on an emotional roller coaster! Mostly crying a drop of a hat, but hit me just right and I would take your eyes out with even blinking. I have no idea, except maybe it was a sign I was getting sick. I haven't had major PMS in a long time. I'm trying my hardest to deal with my state of mind when momma called our EX pastor's wife and told her she wanted to clear the air before she past. To my surprise, I had been accused of a lot more. She even told mom she was welcome back and when momma told her she couldn't without me; she told momma that she was sorry she felt that way. Oh, this so much hurt and I cried! I did a good job of hiding it from mom. If her mind wasn't so cloudy or whatever she would have noticed. To make a long story short, it felt good to have a good cry and LET IT GO! Plus, I guess I was getting sick. Just when I thought it had passed me I was wrong. I woke Saturday feeling bad, but thought it was from crying. Sunday I couldn't stop sneezing, but we had a great BD for JB. I have a picture of his cake I made below, but camera died before I could get any more.
I had to go to the DR Monday because I had a fever. I hope I didn't re-infect momma in all this. My niece was really sweet she took care of momma today to let me rest. Maybe I'll have more time later this week to blog and visit! I am feeling better thank you!

"The secret of getting started is breaking
your complex, overwhelming tasks into
small manageable tasks, and then
starting on the first one."
- Mark Twain

Gosh! I need to listen to this one and apply it!


Gail said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Wow.

If anyone deserves to take a break to cry their eyes out, it's gotta be you.

I know we all wish we were there to hug you and give you a shoulder to cry on, then make some coffee and tea and just have some FUN for a change of pace. You are such a sweetie, and you deserve the best life has to offer. Things will get better!

Junebug said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick too. I have been sick also with the strep throat. I will prayer for your family. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

There's a lot there Kitten.

1. Take your cry. Revel in it. Let it all out. You need a good cry.

2. Good for you. Glad your mom's mind is not permanent.

3.Great cake.

4. I'm glad your niece helped you, but everyone should be helping more.

Ami said...

I'm sorry everyone around you is acting like a jerk. (I'm using the word jerk because I don't want to swear on your blog. You probably know I have no trouble swearing on my own.)

You're a fine and lovely person, and you deserve much better than what you're getting.

Ex pastor's wife, huh? I bet her Jesus is real proud of her!

SabrinaT said...

You deserve a good cry!! (((KITTEN))) I hope you are feeling beter soon..

storyteller said...

As Marlo Thomas in Free to Be You and Me sang DECADES ago ...
"It's okay to cry
crying gets the sad out of you!"

Sometimes tears are just what we need to wash ourselves and everything else clean. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with your mom and your health ... and I hope things improve for everyone soon.
Hugs and blessings,

Pamela said...

tears are good for us -- help us heal.

Sounds like the pastors wife needs a lot of crying. willickers!

ChrisB said...

I feel for you sending ((((hugs))))
Sorry- but the pastors wife is clearly not practicing what I assume her husband preaches if this is her attitude.

Anonymous said...


I hope you're feeling better soon. Have that good cry. Have it a few times if needed.

Jo Beaufoix said...

So sorry you've had such a rough week. And the pastor's wife doesn't sound very pleasant or very Christian. Hope you're ok hon. Hugs.

dawn said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you had a bad day when I was having a bad day. I just had a weepy afternoon and evening and mine was definitely PMS, and much stress. I have rested this weekend and feel much better (except for the cramps and slight headache;-)).