Saturday, March 15, 2008

We got snow last week!!!

I know it may not be exciting for a lot of you, but it was for me. We had the best snow we had in years last week. It only lasted till dinner the next day and we are back to the 70's with thunderstorms this week, but it sure was pretty while it lasted. The kids had a ball! I wish I had my mom's camera for I could show the few pics I got of Aron playing in it. He has been staying with my mom a lot at night when my baby brother can't be there.
(This snow was big and no ice, which is not all that normal around here. We get more ice than snow most of the time, if we get anything.) This was our first big snow (big to us) since we moved in this house almost 9 years ago.

Here is my van the next morning. The kids had took all the snow off that night, but it still snowed enough to recover it the next morning.

Here's Kb's snow angel.

Even momma's dog Topper enjoyed playing.

Here's Kb with a big snow ball

Here's Josh shooting his BB gun.


Holly said...

Snow is totally exciting! This is the first year we've visited my mom we haven't gotten snow, but I'm pretty thankful.

dawn said...

It is neat to read about your adventures with snow. It is so common place here, and I must say, we enjoy it. We got more yesterday.

Joy T. said...

Excellent you guys had some snow to play in. I'm afraid we take snow for granted here because we live with it for so many months.

Heather K. said...

Did you save the snowball?

I remember sitting in a class in highschool with a kid who had just moved from Texas. He hadn't seen a real snow storm in his lifetime. He got up in the middle of a lecture, ran to the window, and yelled "It's snowing!" We all looked at him like he was nuts. We take for granted what we see every day. It takes somebody like this to help us see the beauty in what we see as common. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of snow.

Jo Beaufoix said...

We have snow forecast this weekend, otherwise we jusy had one night n December. Snow in March is kind of rare in the UK so I'm not sure if we'll actually get it or not, but my kids would love it. So we may get a white Easter. Weird.