Saturday, April 18, 2009

It has been a very busy week!

I hope everyone had a very nice Easter. Ours turned out just wonderful! It didn't look that way at first, but things turned around and landed up to be one of our best! It would have better if my brother Mike and kids could have been there, plus if Sam didn't have to leave so fast. But I guess that happens when you are a truck driver.

Remember I told you that my cousin Kat and her son were coming. Well, After Spring cleaning mom's house all day Friday and Saturday I got a phone call at 9PM saying she was just going to stop and se mom and head back home. I had just left mom's house and haven't even cooked super for my family. My 1st instinct was to run over there, and then I got pissed off that she was going to do us this way, but then I decided to call her and see what was up that she was going to drive 4 hours home at that time of night. (She lives just the other side of Birmingham.) Her son had hurt is back during football practice and the pain had went down into his growing. He was in a lot of pain and was sick at his stomach. I haven't seen Kat since Uncle Buddy's funeral last year and about 4 years before that. I haven't seen her son in about 5 years, but I was going to understand if they went home and was happy, she took the time to go see momma. Who knows this may the last time they get to see momma. Her son never knew Kat's mom because she died of cancer just before he was born so by mail and phone they stay close to momma. Momma always sends Kat's son money for his birthdays and sent some when he graduated high school. Turned out that she was able to get him easy and decided to stay and visit Easter. It was so great to spend that time with them. I wish we could see more of them! But Kat moved to Alabama about 25 years or so and it's hard for them or us just to go visit. Plus I guess you can say Al is Kat's home.

This week hasn't been as hard on me, but I have needed to be with momma more. With her down in her back, we are unable to leave her by herself. Her Dr did order her a motorized wheel chair. Hopefully we can get it in this week. This will make it easier for her to get around. Now we need to get her a lift chair or different kind of bed that is easier for her to get in and out of. We are at the point of her COPD that we have to choose her taking prednisone all the time to make it where she can breathe over bone deterioration. Momma has Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Severe COPD, Immune disorder (IGG), and Chronic
respiratory failure. Maybe if we can get these things, it will make it easier on me and better for momma.

Over all it has been a good week. I really have missed all of you! If I'm not able to be back online before the 23rd, (Thursday) please keep me in your thoughts and send happy thoughts and prayers.

I really hope to see you soon!

Take care!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homemade is better


We eat out about 3-4 times a year. (Mostly for Special occasions.) I break down every blue moon or so and get the kids some fast food, but as you know, blue moons don't come often. Hehehehe! Most of the time I will mimic what they are wanting and fix it at home, especially chicken wraps. I have not been very happy with the store bought tortillas lately, so last night I made my own! Guess who will not be buying store bought tortillas? Yes, you guessed it! It's me! My homemade tortillas were wonderful!

I don't know about you, but I find myself trying to take the easy way out and land up the food isn't as good as I first thought. Then I make it homemade and find out it is worth that little extra time. I guess you can say I have learnt that convenience isn't all that it is made out to be. Taking that little extra time is worth the taste and it is most of the time cheaper!

Sorry no photos, but I can tell you that it will be many blue moons before I buy store bought tortillas again.

Well, I got to get to mom's!

Hope you have a Blessed & Happy Easter!


Friday, April 10, 2009

More creative writing, Not!

Dan was on his way home from fishing and took this picture with his phone. I was going to write a story from the picture because it was so beautiful, but this week has been a little too busy for me.

Not this past Monday, but the Monday before, I took momma to the Dr. He wanted to admit her to the hospital. She talked him into giving her stronger meds for home, but if not better by midweek, she would allow me to admit her in the hospital. The reason she didn't want to go in the hospital was because she had her treatment scheduled for that week and she really needs her treatment. She said that if she wasn't better on that day after the treatment I could put her in. I should have known better though. Her breathing has gotten some better, but she is down in her back. Hell, I don't know which is worse! She was a lot better yesterday, so I am hoping that next week is a little calmer over at mom's house.
Sunday we are having family from out of town coming to moms for Easter, so today I got to clean her house and cook all day Saturday. It will be nice having Kat and her son visit. We don't get to see them very much.
KB got to go on her first get away from home, except close friends or family last week end. She went with the choir to a festival and they got Superior! I figured with her being three hours away from me that she would call for me to come get her, but she didn't. She had too much fun to even think about momma! LOL! I'm so glad she had a great time. My babies are growing up so FAST!
Well, I guess I better get a bath and get over to moms.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!
Until next time!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Today I decided to talk a quite walk in the woods to clear my head.

The air was crisp, the flowers were colorful, and the only sound you could hear was they birds a singing. About noon, it had warmed up a bit and I decided I would take a break. Just before I sat down in the grass to take a break I heard water, so I walked on up the hill were I saw this beautiful waterfall.

I decided to sit there so I could watch and listen to this peaceful waterfall. I laid down in the warm sunshine to listen to the waterfall so I could just release all my stresses. The next thing I know I got up and jump into the waterfall for a swim. As I was swimming in the water, I found a cave behind the waterfall. I ventured in to look.

It was amazing to see all ancient writing and symbols. The cave went on for miles! It was like all the stuff the kids and I had studied, but it was right there in front of me. All the sudden something was tickling my nose as I went to rub it I woke up! The sun was starting to go down so I decided to head home. I may have not gone on a real adventure, but it was a pleasant and peaceful day after all.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Haystak All By Myself

WARNING: Bad Language

I can so relate to this song in different parts of my life and I bet you can to.
As far as what is going on in my life right at this moment; they are better. I'm still worried about the child situation. I will find out more on the 23rd of this month. Mom refused to let the Dr put her in the hospital, but she is some better.
Hope yall have a wonderful week end!
Hopefully I'll have time to visit tomorrow~