Monday, March 26, 2007

OK, I guess this is my fuss day!

After I made my post this morning and poured my heart out I was OK for awhile. Then I thought about another thing my hubby said last night. ( I guess this is bash your hubby day, but it really feels good to get this off my chest! HA!) He made the comment that we all had to go to bed because someone had to go to work around here. Excuse me! I did work 40 hrs a week or so for almost a year, home schooled our kids, cooked, cleaned and whatever I needed to do to help out. No, I'm not getting paid anymore, but he was the one that said I needed to quit work and focus more on the kids and being a mom and wife. He said that the little bit I made would not be missed, that me being home doing the other things were more important. I guess I'm just over reacting, but I have feelings also. I hope this little up roar will pass soon! I hate it when the balance is off at home it makes everything else off. OK, Hopefully I'll feel better now!

A slap in the face!

My husband and I have had some major problems in our younger years. He got all stupid and and thought the grass was greener on the other side. The last 3 yrs has been wonderful. Yea, we have had our problems, but not all that fussing and no more worries. In the last 3 weeks or so he has been real grumpy! I know he just had surgery and his teeth is hurting him, but we don't have insurance and every time we turn around we having to fork out money on something that needs replacing. Like the frig, beds, and re-doing the house. But in the last week his has just all down my throat. It seems like every time I turn around he is fussing at every little thing I do and he doesn't acknowledge any good I do. He has been going through my van, my purse and everything else. If he doesn't know exactly what it is he raises his voice and I've got to the point where I'm very defencive. Well, yesterday out of the blue he was asking about a check I wrote and was ugly about it. I was like HELL Daniel it's from the savage grocery store, duh! Then he is going to get all defencive on me and say I'm acting like someone that's got something to hide or cheating. WHAT? Where in the world did that grap come from! I have been very patient with him the last few weeks because everyone has their moods and I've been letting him have his, but yes I got on the defencive side yesterday because it has got old. So, this morning I woke up in a mood and when he ask me why I had my panties in a wad I was like, well you accused me of cheating over nothing and I'm not the one who has gave the reason not to be trusted. Then he gets all stupid on me and says he didn't say all that and I was hallucinating. I went off! I reminded of the detail that went down Sunday, then all the sudden he is like well you are acting defencive for some reason. Well, DUH! You have been grumpy for a while and going through my stuff and it has gotton old! We talked through it and even laughed before he went to work, but I'm just hoping in the back of my mind that he's not messing up and trying to throw the blame like he has done in the past. I'm really hoping we have all this garbage behind us and it's just something he is going through. Talking about throwing a curve ball! Well, now I have got all this off my chest I feel so much better. I'm hoping that is just a thang and will be over.