Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Dear Sweet Cupig!

I just enjoy doing the secret pal thing on the Denim Jumper. It’s not because of the getting, but getting to get to know all these ladies and make friends. I get so caught up sometimes trying to figure out how to spoil my pal and then all the sudden I get a package. Each and every time it’s a joy. This time I had cupig. She was a lot of fun and really touched my heart. That’s what it is all about!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My avatar!

I’ve been wondering about changing my avatar again. On the Denim Jumper I use a Panther with fire. I have always liked panthers. Before the panther it was 3 kittens or cats that had sunglasses and really showed the real side of me, but on the other hand when I got tired and aggravated I went to the panther that shows that part of me. Even thou I like panthers I feel the Puss’n boots is more me. I guess I’m just trying to figure what kind of person I want people to know me as. I guess I’ll think about this a little while and hopefully get some comments to help me decide. I guess I can try and find a picture that shows both sides. Cattitude is everything, happy go lucky and Take me as I am.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


For the past 12 or so years I have been having problems with my health and the Drs have done this test and that test and no one knew what was going on. They have even told me it was all in my head, but it was hormonal. Okay, that really helps. They have checked my thyroid I don’t how many times. Okay let me start at the beginning to paint a big picture. After I had my middle child the Dr. put me on the Depoe shot. I gained a lot of weight. I was bigger than I was when I was pregnant. The Dr. said I was allergic to the shot. When I didn’t loose weight they checked my thyroid. I felt bloated and pregnant. When JB was almost 3 I got pregnant with KB. After I had her I lost back down to my normal size. I started having more problems which we knew was female, but didn’t know exactly what. In 2001 they did a partial hysterectomy. In 5 weeks I gained 60lbs. The Dr. said that it wasn’t my thyroid so my ovaries must have gone in shock. Nobody believed that all I was eating and drinking was Jell-O and water. I kept on pushing even thou I knew something was wrong with me, but it seemed like no one was listening. My body got to the point where it was shutting down. One Dr. said she must have narcolepsy, the other Dr. said it is hormonal, but did nothing and the other Dr. sent me to a Physiatrist and he said it was all in my head. He also said it could be hormonal. He took me off work. At the age 30 I kept crying and saying things like…. I’m too young to feel this old, why doesn’t anybody listen and so on and so on. I was put on my disability about 5 years ago and really don’t know for what. I just knew that there was something wrong. Last December they took out my ovaries. They have checked my heart because of my swelling and it was healthy. I got to point where I stopped complaining. The last 2 months I have been on a diet and exercise and gained almost 15 lbs. I just started crying. My husband and I watched a program and this lady was having some of the same problems. But I didn’t know exactly what to do. Well, the other day my little girl told my momma that she had pinched my boob and I cried because they were sore. My momma told me I shouldn’t be having soreness and I told her I felt pregnant and at the same time like I was fixing to start my period. My momma told me, Katie you have had your ovaries out; you shouldn’t be feeling this way. I went to my new family Dr. and told him, thinking he wouldn’t do anything, but it was worth a shot. He shocked me! He asked how many times you have had your thyroid checked. I told him more times than I can count. He said, I hate it’s took so long for you to go through what you have been going through and I’m going to send you to a gland Dr and get to the bottom of this and hopefully get you to finally feeling normal. Finally someone listen to me and I’m not crazy! LOL! I can’t wait till I go to this Dr. to find out what’s wrong. I finally have a chance of feeling normal. As soon as I find out I will repost an update.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My favorite place!

I really love the Denim Jumper! It is my place where I have a lot of great ladies to talk to. It helps me to escape. It’s a place where you feel warm and cozy and just let it all hang out. We also have secret pals where we get to spoil each other and give each other support. I do wish that the D.J. was a little chattier. But that is ok.
I chose this picture, because this is how I picture the D.J.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A little more bragging on my babies

The power to brag on my babies is great!

I’m so glad that I have my new computer for I can use Power Point, Word and Excel. Power Point gives me the power to make my babies certificates. Word gives me the ability to check my spelling and grammar. Excel gives me the power to keep good records of my kid’s school work and make them progress reports. They had asked me if they could get report cards for they could show the family their grades. I think for right now it will be a good idea because I think they need a little something for someone else besides me brag on them.
Here are their certificates I have made them to give them something to brag about and show off.