Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alvin and the chipmunks- Don't Matter

I know I'm posting alot of videos but my son sent them to me and I thougt it was sweet and wanted to share.It may not mean alot to you but it does me so that's why I'm putting them here for I can have them a long time. plus when he gets older I can show him how much he use to love me! LOL!
Momma got leverage!

alvin and the chipmunks

This song almost got me in trouble! I was acting silly and saw this man with a big afro and thought he left. I came out of bathroom sing I would of cut my hair but I got high. I ran right into this man. I started laughing.Boy was I ever lucky he took it well.

Spongebob vs This is Why I'm HOT!

my middle child sent me this cause he said I was HOT! LOL!

Spongebob Squarepants Walk It Out Music Video

my middle son has been sending me these vidos.Cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My secret pal did it again

She sent me a card with some DARK chocolate! Oh, boy did I need it! The card and the chocolate.

My sp was right! It is good to communicate with other people instead of our kids all the time/ The TDJ is a really great group and I'm so proud to be a part of it and so proud to have such a great secret sis that I do.

I still haven't figured out who she is, but I haven't really tried, I think the surprize is what makes it special!

Thank You so much my dear secret friend!

Here's kitten sending you big HUGS!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thought I would share

I found this in our local paper and found it very interesting. I guess because I have 3 that have dyslexia. I'm so glad that people are finally getting involed and interested in helping these kids. I love this lady that has opened the new center here. She has a genuine heart to help others. I haven't yet went to her center, but have talked to her in length. It can be so hard to deal with kids with dyslexia, but with people like her it makes it so much easier. Once you re- train them to learn their way to learn they do so much better and don't have to strugle.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guns N' Roses - Patience

My favorite song of all time!

I have the sweetest secret pal!

I have gotten caught up in all this everyone wanting to come to Aunt Kate Kate's that my head as literary been spinning! I have about 15 kids at my house almost everyday no less than 5 since school was out. Oh, Boy! I love em I do but can't they love another aunt? LOL!
Well, with all that said, I went out to my mail box yesterday and I had a package! Yeah Me! I had almost forgot about the secret pal thingy that we have going on the D.J. It's like every time I get a secret pally she knows me so well even thou we are miles apart!
I got a over nite foot kit, which I needed badly! I love the little footies! I don't have to soak my feet in a wash tub, I can just put on my footies. (I have ruff feet,LOL!) Oh, I love the nail polish and how did she know that my brand of lotion?I got some new sharpies and I'm not sure if I'm gonna share with the kids or not. HA~HA! OMGees! I love the pen and note pad. I love writing little notes hear and there just to cheer someone up and I had used my last on the other day. OH! The tea lights. Let me explain..... I bought me a little tea lite holder set here while back, my last secret pal sent me 2 little cups and a little tea pot that matched my tea lite holder set and now my new secret pal sent some tea lights that match. Ain't that just cool?! I loved my stickers and ever thing else. Thank you my dear, you have surely cheered me up!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Literary Meme

Literary Meme
How it works:1.grab the book closest to you it to page 161
3. find the fifth full sentence the text of the sentence to your blog
5.don't search around for the coolest book you have, use the one that is really next to you.

Here's mine:
"The Lovely Bones" By: Alice Sebold.
Pg.161 The 5th full sentence.
When the two of them- with dog- discovered Lindsey in the upstairs bathroom, she whined a loud complaint. " Daaaaaaaaaddd!"
This was in my desk drawer and I had forgot about the book till I got this meme and opened my desk to see what I had next to me. I was expecting one of the kids books.LOL~
hsing3kinder passed this to me and now I'm passing it to Heather~Super Natural

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My kids teaching me. HA!~

This past school year was a big drag at times! I was so ready for our summer break! Making the kids do there school work was getting the best of them and me. I was worried about this up coming school year because of how hard it was to get their work done. Then low and behold this summer they have been finding things to study on their own and having a ball with it. I guess it is because they are discovering it own their own and we are not sitting down and doing it. Here is what has got their interest so far..........
1) We planted a garden, the kids were not so interested at first but as things started to grow and we have had a few problems they have gotten into it major. I have come in here to the computer and looked up stuff and we have even went to the feed store and have them talk to us.
2)JB got him an iguana and we looked it up on the computer. (A lot of interesting things!)
3) Kb went and saw her uncle the other day then all the sudden picked her books I bought for fun/learning.
4)They also have started wanting to know how exercise helps the body and other things about the human body. I was shocked! Because the human body is one thing on our list for this fall.

I guess this is what some of the other home school mom's mean by kid lead. I know that the kids will have to go back to seat work this fall, but I guess I could do less of it and do more kid led and hands on. I mean, if this is how they learn better and more involved, I'm all for it!
Life is just an adventure and you learn day by day!

Monday, June 11, 2007


My husband got to go see his brother Saturday. (The one that's in the PEN) I was not able to go because their mother and his brother's friend went and you can have only have 3 adults, but my little girl was able to go. (Her and I are the only 2 that have not seen him in 2 years.) I was a little worried of her going, but that is her uncle. When she got home she was very quite, a little too quite for me because she is always bouncing, laughing, singing and all that. She is a child that if was to make sit completely still and quite at the same time I think she would explode. LOL! I love her this way but sometime I just want to super glue her butt to something especially during school work. LOL! So, for her to come home like this I was a little worried at 1st. I went in her room to check on her and she was sitting there working on her activity books. I asked her if she was okay and she said she was great! She was as happy as a lark and doing something I have been trying to get her to do for months. And now for the past 2 days that is what she has been doing. I asked my husband and my MIL what did they do to her! They said they didn't do anything, then KB spoke up and said I got to see my Uncle Matt and I'm happy. Oh, Boy! I wished we had already took her. LOL! It makes since thou, if a child is worried about something they act out and know she she has seen him and knows he is okay. I just wonder how long this will last!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I finally got my computer hooked up......

....... to my cable! I'm glad I was able to do it as soon as I did and not have to be without it through the summer. I didn't say anything to my husband because I didn't want him to feel bad, but I was nervous about my computer for a bit. I know we are in a strain with our money and need to cut back, but my only outlet is my computer. I'm not big on TV, but my hubby is. I don't care about having a land line (phone) I got my cell. The home phone rang all the time and we hardly used it so we let it go. We will save about $150 or more a month. Now I can get my daily dose of the DJ, read the blogs I usually do, my email and I'm content!
I'm so glad to be BACK!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I dedicate this to my little girl!

I've got sunshine, On a cloudy day. When it's cold outside, I've got the month of may. I guess you'd say,What can make me feel this way?
[Chorus]My girl, my girl, my girl.Talkin' 'bout my girl.My girl!
I've got so much honey,The bees envy me.I've got a sweeter song,Than the birds in the trees.Well, I guess you'd say,What can make me feel this way?
[Chorus]Ooo-ooo, hoo-ooo.
I don't need no money,Fortune or fame.I got all the riches baby,One momma can claim.Well, I guess you'd say,What can make me feel this way?
[Chorus]I got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girl.I've even got the month of may with my girl.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I saw, I read, I had to post

Home-School - A Family or a School?
by Marianne Vanderkolk
It seems like we are stuck with the term, "home-school" and I will use it in my article just because we all know what we are talking about, but it really conveys the wrong idea. It makes us think that we are "doing school" at home. We are not.All of life is education. Home-Education is a much more comprehensive term. We are instilling character, teaching worldview, developing life skills and growing in knowledge, enlightening the understanding and pursuing wisdom, and this is not happening between the set hours of 9.00am -3.00pm. It is all day and night, every day, through holidays, sickness, excursions.. .yes...through all of life!How can we educate as a family without home-"schooling" ?
* We need to live life as a family. Yes, it is important (I believe) to structure our days and lives, but real life mustn't be an interruption to our "schooling." We need to view the whole of our day as a teaching moment. It is not necessarily easy to view interruptions as a part of the plan, (I don’t find it easy), but the way in which we handle these times are just as important as teaching Maths. Having another baby in the home is not an interruption!* As a family, we can break free from thinking in terms of school hours and school terms. As we home-school, we need to remember that we are primarily a family and we can arrange our days and holidays to suit our family needs. For many years now, I have worked for 5 weeks and then had a one week break. This enables me to focus on a block of time and plan out a course of work. Then, I can home-school solidly for the next five weeks. If my term was to go for ten weeks, I would find it really hard to keep up with those frustrating bits of housework that stare you in the face. I can keep going with my work for a solid five weeks, knowing that the overflowing cupboard will be dealt with in the next week.* We also need to remember not to measure productivity by "book-work". Education is not confined to books! Sometimes we may feel disappointed when we do not have a lot to show for our children's efforts, but we must keep in mind that the nurturing and development of character will mostly come about through conversation and discussion and relationship building. The fruit of our efforts in educating our children should not be summed up in a score or a mark or a status or placement.
* We do not have to follow a school’s curriculum. We are a family. Through prayer, reading and research, we can set our own goals for our home-school and for our children's education. After all, the goals that one sets for their family determines what they will be studying. If music is a priority in your family, a goal you have set, then you will make time, find excellent teachers, and insure practice takes place – all because it is one of your goals. If you want your children to have a solid Christian worldview perspective, then you need to think carefully about what you teach, the materials you use and how the education you are giving displays the Lordship of Christ over all- and over all education. These decisions are for your family.
* As a family, we are teachers who care about our children's weaknesses and struggles. It sounds ridiculous, but at times, I have found myself marking work with the aim to find out what my children don’t know - and ready to point out their deficiencies without the encouragement and kindness that should accompany my marking pen. At times I thought it was cheating to give my children the tricks and tips to get the right answer. Now, I understand that that is why we are there - we are home-schooling them to be gentle with those who struggle and give them all the tools, tricks and tips to promote learning in their area of difficulty. It also means we are strict with those who are lazy and who do not give their best effort, and we need to look for ways to help the struggler and challenge and excite the child who never struggles. We do this because we care - about them and their character.
So, do we "home-school" ?Yes - we provide an education for our children.
No - we live life and teach through the moments of each day.